How to Solve Your Shitshow in 7 Days (Without Therapy Or Meds.)

Simple “Step-By-Step” Approach that’s different than anything you’ve tried (and a helluva lot more fun!)

This simple 7-day Roadmap Takes You From “How the Hell Can I Fix My Life?!” To “Now, THIS is How I Am Meant To Live!” (yes, even if you’ve already tried “everything” to “fix” your life.)

I bet the vast majority of the people in your life don’t have a clue you’re struggling. Nope, you’re a tough cookie, and from the outside, it looks like you’ve got it all together.

But on the inside, when you let yourself really feel it…? Yep. Shit. Show. 

Stress, anxiety, and maybe something a bit deeper than “the blues”…

Maybe there’s some OCD that goes hand in hand with your anxiety. 

Or maybe you just feel flat, bored and directionless…and feel kinda hopeless about it all. 

And maybe…

  • You feel cranky and frustrated all the time. Snap at your kids more than you’d like.
  • Sometimes doing that 85th load of laundry this week, or the endless dishes make you want to scream and cry… and throw things.
  • It sometimes feel like Groundhog Day, every day. Same shit. Different day. 

  • You think…”this CANNOT be my life! I know my life is supposed to be better than this!!”
  • You sometimes wish you could just be a different person…the person you feel like you CAN be…but you are just so. not. being. 

But on the other hand…in so many ways, you have a truly wonderful life, certainly compared to so many others. Soooo…. then you add feelings of guilt to the shit show you’re already experiencing!


What’s the answer? Therapy? Meds/“happy pills”? Meditation? Yoga?

Maybe you’ve been there, done that (and more) and yet here you are, still living like this and wondering:


You just want to ditch the shit show.

You just want a life you LIKE (because maybe right now, a life you love seems too far out of reach – it’s not, but I get that you feel that way right now. Totally get it.)

You want a life…

  • Where days feel worth getting out of bed for.
  • Where days feel fun. And good. And easy. And peaceful. And joyful. Yes, even joyful. 

  • Where you feel like you’re actually accomplishing something that matters. 

  • Where you feel like YOU matter. 

  • Where you feel like you’re making an impact as you, doing you, being the full, true, real you.
  • Where you feel like you’re using the best of what’s inside you.
  • Where you’re doing something that lights you up (hint: the above four things will do that!)

You just want to feel ALIVE!!!!

That is NOT too much to ask!!

Put simply, you want to feel good, and you you want to feel like you’re creating something, building something, working on something.

You want to feel proud of what you’re doing, proud of who you’re being…knowing you’re finally BEING all of who you are.

And as long as we are being honest… yep, you want OTHER PEOPLE to look at what you’re doing, at who you’re being, and think “wow! That’s cool!”

And the best part?

It’s simple. Straightforward. No bells and whistles. No high-level woo-woo. 

Just you.
The right questions.
And your heart-felt, soul-led answers.

And…tada! You will find what you’re looking for.

So, here’s how it’ll work:

  • 7 Days.
  • 7 videos (actually, 8, counting a welcome video.) 

  • 7 printable PDFs to use as a workbook to write down all the cool things you’ll be asking, answering and dreaming. 



See? Simple. 

And the videos are INTENTIONALLY 10 minutes or less. 

Because they don’t have to be long, and if they are long, your current shitshow is likely to get in the way and – if you’re anything like me – you just might not finish the course. 

And that would be sad, because this truly is THE answer you’ve been looking for. 

The one that makes the most sense (again, you know the past, you don’t love your present, so let’s focus on your future to get you through this and on to the life you do want.)

You ready?

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Don't Try to Fix the Life You Have,
Create the One You Want

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